The Ultimate Cupcake Eating Challenge

Be Glad - Eat Cake.....Creatively!  

On Glad Day starting at 3 pm at the Little Town Brews Patio, 42 Main Street, there will be a Cupcake Eating Contest sponsored by Little Town Brews & Jack & Fin's.

Join this fun, free game for all ages and prizes awarded for the most creative eaters!  

Contest Rules

All can participate - there are two age groups:
Youth:   16 and under
Adult:   17 and older

No Hands 
No Help from others
No Hurling or you will be disqualified and will have to clean up your mess
You can use your hands to remove paper wrapper prior to start of contest
Must sign waiver on day of event

2 Challenge Categories

Who Can finish one cupcake the fastest Challenge:
One race per age group.
This contest will end after 1 min., or first to finish 
When you declare yourself finished place your hands in the air and Wave! 

Performance Challenges:
Each contestant eats one cupcake in 1 minute - prizes will be awarded for:  Messiest & Blindfolded

Sign Up To Participate Here

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New Hampshire Glad Day

In 2019, Governor Sunnunu signed a proclamation to declare the second Saturday of June as Pollyanna Day throughout the state.  Pollyanna admirers hope the optimism of the celebration will spread to other New Hampshire communities and that schools, libraries, and citizens will commemorate the day with appropriately glad ceremonies and activities.

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